Project Description

The Project:

The brief for this project was to remove and dispose of an existing defective and poorly designed system with no cleaning access serving a dual fuel fired pizza oven. We then needed to replace this with a correctly designed, twin wall insulated stainless steel flue complete with exodraft chimney top fan and associated controls. The works came about due to a chimney fire in the old system meaning that the restaurant had to temporarily limit their menu with the pizza oven out of use.


Key factors for the design included:

  • Flues to follow approximate route of the existing system to minimise additional builders work requirements and disruption to the restaurant operations.
  • Flue to be centrally located and on show as a feature for the length of the riser as this was within an original lift shaft with a seating area at its base.
  • Mechanical extraction to be provided to ensure a constant draught at the ovens outlet and stop spillage of smoke into the restaurant area.
  • Access points to be designed into the system allowing regular maintenance to be easily carried out.

Product Specification:

The following product specification was used throughout the project:

  • Internal Flue – Poujoulat TI – 316 grade stainless steel liner, 32mm insulation cavity, 304 grade stainless steel case.
  • External Flue – Poujoulat TI – 316 grade stainless steel liner, 32mm insulation cavity, 304 grade stainless steel case.
  • Extract System – Exodraft RSV Vertical Discharge Termination Fan.


The project was carried out from start to finish over one continuous visit of 4 days which included the removal of the old system along with installation of the new complete flue system and fan setup. The lift shaft was fully scaffolded before we started works to allow our attending team a safe working platform from which to carry out the installation. The new flue followed a similar route to the removed system but incorporated cleaning access tees at all changes of direction greater than 45’ to ensure that it is now fully maintainable and to eliminate the risk of further chimney fires. Once the system had been installed throughout the length of the riser it passed out to a roof area where it passed through further access tees and then rose to termination with an exodraft chimney top fan. Chimflue worked closely with the clients electrical contractor to ensure that the associated pressure switch and interlock system was fully functional. To help minimise disruption to the restaurant and its menu the whole project went from initial contact by the customer to a designed and installed system in just over 2 weeks.

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