Project Description

The Project:

This project involved the design, supply and installation of 2 no. flue systems and Furanflex liners to serve 8 No. banks of Viessmann Condensing gas fired boilers within Manchester Crown Court. The project was particularly challenging due to the existing 2 No. flues which were completely enclosed throughout 4 floors of the building before connecting to a central riser within a hidden void and continuing a further 25m to termination via an ornate masonry chimney. Due to the location and height of the chimney it was deemed that a full scaffold would not be possible and as such all high-level works needed to be completed by steeplejacks adding further challenges to the project.


Key factors for the design included:

  • Existing flues to be located and surveyed as they ran throughout the building to establish the maximum installable flue sizes and associated builders works.
  • Hidden void where the 2 No initial risers joined into a central location to be located and opened out to allow access for the installation.
  • 2 No. flue systems to be installed, each flue to serve 4 No. banks of Viessmann condensing gas fired boilers.
  • Furanflex liners to be installed from termination level down to plant room to minimise builders work and disruption to the pen and operating Crown Court facility.
  • Terminations of systems to have a minimal visual impact so as not to require planning permissions.
  • All Clean Air Act and IGEUP10 guidance to be followed to ensure a compliant system.

Product Specification:

The following product specification was used throughout the project:

  • Primary Connections – Poujoulat ZI – Viessmann plastic cascade header kits connecting each set of 4 No. banks of boilers into a single outlet.
  • Plant Room Flue Connections – Poujoulat Condensor – 316 grade stainless steel continuously welded flue system installed c/w joint seals.
  • Risers – Furanflex Black Composite Liners


The installation of this project was phased to allow some of the existing boiler plant to remain online and provide heating / hot water to the facility. All works took place out of hours to minimise disruption to the court houses operations and were completed in a total of 4 weekends. Chimflue worked alongside high level rope access specialists Chimney Maintenance who provided the required laddering to the top of the chimney along with a scaffold rig to allow the Furanflex liners to be winched into position. With the liners in place they were steamed to allow them to cure before being connected back to the single wall flue systems at plant room level.

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