Project Description

The Project:

Our client for this project was the ETA M& E Division who had been awarded the contract for a large portion of the M & E works on the International Airport development. The end user of the building and flue were Emirates who would use the facility to service and paint their new fleet of Airbus A380’s.

The project involved the design and manufacture of two high quality stainless steel freestanding chimneys to provide a termination point for the huge extraction system. These chimneys were to include multiple branches for connection to the proposed plant on site. We were also to provide on site supervision for the erection of the chimneys in Dubai.


Key factors for the design included:

  • Chimney to be situated within a plant room and pass through 1st floor level and out of a pitched roof surface. The hole through the 1st floor slab had already been cast and the chimney therefore had to be designed with specific sectional lengths to allow smooth installation on site.
  • The chimneys also had to be manufactured in sectional lengths that would be suitable for traditional shipping methods en route to Dubai.
  • Wind loadings / turnover motion were calculated to generate a suitable base size, hold down bolt specification and material thickness for the chimneys.

Product Specification:

The following product specification was used throughout the project:

  • 1 x 32m high freestanding chimney @ 1900mm diameter.
  • 1 x 32m high freestanding chimney @ 1600mm diameter closing to 1300mm diameter.
  • 1m long 30mm diameter stainless steel hold down bolts cast into bases.
  • 25mm thick AISI 316 grade stainless base plates.
  • Chimneys constructed from 6mm thick AISI 316 grade stainless steel.
  • All welding certified to British Standards.


Our client ETA M&E carried out the installation of the chimneys although we were requested to attend and oversee works to ensure that all went smoothly. The chimneys took just four days to install from unpacking to finished situation with branches welded back in place. This was assisted by the provision of two very large cranes, one lifting sections in place with the other suspending a work force to bolt together the sectional lengths of the chimney at high level. Upon completion of the installation an official hand over was given to our client along with the product manuals and guarantees.

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