We use a very wide range of the highest quality products in our projects at Chimflue.  Click on the headings below for more detail on the ones we most commonly use.

Twin Wall & Single Wall Flue Systems

We offer a full range of single wall and twin wall insulated stainless steel flue systems for use on all types of appliance from wood burning stoves to large commercial boilers and generators. We keep product ranges from Schiedel & Poujoulat in stock at both our Andover & Hatfield branches.


Poujoulat Condensor: CONDENSOR single wall stainless steel flues can be used for the creation of a chimney, the lining of a chimney or the connection of a boiler. They are multi-fuel, continuous-welded and air and watertight, particularly useful for fully condensing boiler installations.

Poujoulat – TI & ZI: THERMINOX TI and THERMALU ZI rigid multi-fuel chimneys are suitable for evacuation of flue gases from any gas, oil, wood and coal-fired appliances. Twinwall (inner and outer wall in STAINLESS STEEL in the case of TI / inner wall in STAINLESS STEEL and outer wall in Aluzinc in the case of ZI) incorporating a 30 mm thick insulation of high-density pressure-injected mineral fibre and equipped with a comb system which avoids “thermal bridging”. The complete range makes possible all types of interior and exterior installation.

Poujoulat – Therm+ GEP: High quality, stainless steel, twin wall, pre-insulated exhaust system.  With a continuously welded liner and outer cases provides a pressure resistant joint for applications up to 5000 Pa positive pressure H1 level at 600°C flue gas temperature [ BSEN 1856-1 ].  Model options for 50mm & 100mm insulation. Therm+ GEP has been specially designed for standby diesel and gas fuel generators & CHP appliences.  Complete with a comprehensive range of standard accessories to suit all applications and enviroments.


Schiedel – Prima Plus: Prima Plus is a high quality 316L stainless steel single wall flue system with a wall thickness of 0.6mm or 1mm. It is designed for use on gas and oil burning stoves and boilers with continuous operating temperatures up to 450°C and short firing up to 600°C. With the addition of a gasket to the joint, Prima Plus is designed for fluing condensing gas and oil appliances with positive pressures up to 200Pa, continuous operating temperatures up to 160°C and short firing up to 200°C.

Schiedel – Eco ICID: Available in diameters 125, 150, 180 and 200mm, Eco ICID is a twin wall insulated chimney system specifically designed for use on stoves with continuous operating temperatures up to 450°C. The system is designed so that the outer case is load bearing and the inner liner is free to expand independently to accommodate temperature change.

ICS 5000 is a multi-functional twin wall insulated venting system designed for use on a wide range of heating, process, ventilation and service ducting applications, including diesel/petrol power generation equipment. It is available in 15 diameters from 80mm – 600mm. The system provides optimum performance criteria for high temperature applications with positive pressures up to 5000 Pascal’s at the equipment’s outlet.

HP 5000 has an extensive range of twin and single wall components with 25mm and 50mm cavity insulation, giving it the versatility required to meet the widest range of applications. HP5000 is manufactured with a 316L Stainless Steel inner liner, seam welded continuous construction with an engineered flange at each end and a 304 stainless steel outer case (on twin wall components). Available in 0.6mm and 1mm inner liner thickness and in diameters from 130mm to 800mm HP 5000 is a lightweight twin wall insulated and single wall duct system specifically designed to handle both pressure and non-pressurised applications.

Exodraft Chimney Top & Flueboost Inline Fans

We keep a full range of chimney top and inline fan systems, controls, accessories and spares in stock. These fans are suitable for use in most situations and will solve various chimney problems such as undersized flueways as well as allowing class 1 gas fires to be terminated in a wall mounted position. We keep product ranges from exodraft & Flueboost in stock at both our Andover & Hatfield branches.


exodraft Chimney Fans – Domestic Situation
A chimney fan ensures a smoke and fume free indoor environment when using an open fire, stove or gas fire. Installed on top of your chimney, a chimney fan will give you optimal draught regardless of weather conditions and your location. Optimal draught in the chimney ensures quick and easy fire lighting, stoking and an improved, cleaner burn, all without the risk of smoke, soot and ash being blown into the room.

exodraft Chimney Fans – Commercial Situation
Natural draught is affected by chimney height & size as well as the outside weather and temperature conditions. This means that it is hard to keep the optimal exhaust rate as the natural chimney draught cannot be adjusted. The CAS, Chimney Automation System, features on-demand control, which maintains a precise draught by constantly adjusting the exhaust rate to meet current needs. The heating appliance will operate more efficiently and produce a higher output and thereby provide substantial savings.


Flueboost Inline Fans: Ideal for use in plant room situations where a chimney top fan cannot be mounted. These units can be sized to suit most small commercial gas fired installations.

FuranFlex Composite Lining Systems

FuranFlex® chimney lining is a revolutionary chimney lining system, which uses a Glass Fibre reinforced Thermo Setting Resin. Totally gas and water tight, guaranteed corrosion resistant for 25 years, with a projected lifespan of well in excess of 100 years. Over 2 million metres of FuranFlex® has been installed in over 25 European countries in the last 10 Years and FuranFlex is now available in the UK.

What makes the FuranFlex® procedure revolutionary?

FuranFlex® is the only non-destructive procedure with which chimneys of any shape, size or length can be lined with a corrosion-proof, flame and heat resistant, airtight liner tube made of a composite material with the solidity of steel, without any joints.
What are the main advantages of FuranFlex® chimney lining for users?

  • There is no need to demolish walls, installation site remains clean during the lining work
  • Chimney lining only takes a few hours
  • It can be used for all types of boilers and chimneys.
  • Even chimneys as high as 80 metres and with a diameter of even
  • 80 cm can be lined without any joints.
  • Its internal surface is smooth, its thermal resistance facilitates the economic operation of boilers.
  • It does not become corroded. The period of guarantee relating to damage by corrosion is 25 years (black system)


The main area of application of FuranFlex® is the lining of old and new chimneys. It may be used with gas and oil heated boilers and even with wood and pellet boilers in certain situations. It can be used with all types of boiler as well as with chimneys of all sizes and shapes. Its rigidity characteristics enable it to be used for the construction of freestanding chimneys as well.

FuranFlex® may be installed as an individual chimney, that is when a single chimney is connected to a single boiler (the usual case), or when several boilers are connected to a single chimney (collective chimneys).

Download our FuranFlex leaflet

SMOKI Soot Abatement Systems

smokilogoChimflue are the UK distributor for SMOKI, the smoke abatement unit from Italy. Ideal for wood fired pizza ovens, charcoal grills and more. Please see our case studies for examples of installations using this innovative equipment. The four different units listed below cover all aspects of smoke abatement within the kitchen environment according to the size and type of application.

SMOKI Junior

This is the basic unit, compact in size and suitable for use with solid fuel pizza ovens where mechanical extraction is provided by a separate fan. It is available with flue connection sizes up to 300mm diameter and is capable of extract rates up to 500m3/h.


This is the more comprehensive unit again suitable for use with solid fuel pizza ovens. The SMOKI incorporates its own fan system and controller to allow the extract rate to be easily set by the end user. It is available with flue connection sizes up to 250mm diameter and is capable of extract rates up to 500m3/h.


This is a larger version of the SMOKI unit and is capable of higher extract volumes, it is suitable for use with larger pizza and bread ovens as well as wood fired grills. This unit has the option of being supplied with an integrated fan which allows easy setup of extract rates and ensures seamless operation of the washing and extract functions. It is available with flue connection sizes up to 500mm diameter and capable of volumes up to 7500m3/h.

SMOKI Maxi Grill

This is the largest of the units provided by SMOKI and is suitable for use on wood and charcoal grills. This unit again has the option of being supplied with an integrated fan which allows easy setup of extract rates and ensures seamless operation of the washing and
extract functions. It is available with flue connection sizes up to 500mm diameter and capable of volumes up to 7500m3/h.

Download our Smoki leaflet