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Chimney Fans & Controls

We keep a full range of chimney top and inline fan systems, controls, accessories and spares in stock. These fans are suitable for use in most situations and will solve various chimney problems such as undersized flueways as well as allowing class 1 gas fires to be terminated in a wall mounted position. We keep product ranges from exodraft & Flueboost in stock at both our Andover & Hatfield branches.

Please call 01264 332878 (Andover) or 01707 266244 (Hatfield) now for further details or click on the links below

exodraft Chimney Fans – Domestic Situation:
A chimney fan ensures a smoke and fume free indoor environment when using an open fire, stove or gas fire. Installed on top of your chimney, a chimney fan will give you optimal draught regardless of weather conditions and your location. Optimal draught in the chimney ensures quick and easy fire lighting, stoking and an improved, cleaner burn, all without the risk of smoke, soot and ash being blown into the room.


exodraft Chimney Fans – Commercial Situation:
Natural draught is affected by chimney height & size as well as the outside weather and temperature conditions. This means that it is hard to keep the optimal exhaust rate as the natural chimney draught cannot be adjusted. The CAS, Chimney Automation System, features on-demand control, which maintains a precise draught by constantly adjusting the exhaust rate to meet current needs. The heating appliance will operate more efficiently and produce a higher output and thereby provide substantial savings.

Flueboost Inline Fans: Ideal for use in plant room situations where a chimney top fan cannot be mounted. These units can be sized to suit most small commercial gas fired installations.